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Code and group faster and more accurately with TurboGrouper

TurboGrouper is the new coding and grouping solution you need in one package. The familiar TurboCoder interface means separations can be grouped quickly and efficiently with coding and grouping path transparency.

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All the features you’ll need for more accurate clinical coding and grouping

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Seamless integration with the award-winning TurboCoder

Following the introduction of Activity Based Funding, it’s imperative you have access to up-to-date classification materials and systems that enable you to efficiently and accurately code and group medical records.

Processing medical records quickly and accurately directly correlates with the funding your organisation receives.

TurboGrouper seamlessly integrates with our TurboCoder coding solution, and provides you with instant DRG codes.

The grouper appears as a panel on the right-hand side of TurboCoder and can be customised to suit viewing preferences. Codes can be easily selected from TurboCoder to populate the grouping panel, with the DRG displayed in real-time as you’re coding.

TurboGrouper enables you to accumulate codes, and then easily change the order of those codes by dragging and dropping.

TurboGrouper interacts directly with Patient Administration Systems (PAS) to populate the patient information. The completed grouping can be sent directly to the PAS for processing.

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Powerful search enabled through eComPress®

All codes are able to be searched and easily navigated via a digital reference system that is automatically updated whenever new content or errata is available. You will also have access to fully hyperlinked Disease and Intervention codes, Coding Standards, Coding Rules and AR-DRG. TurboGrouper and TurboCoder’s powerful search functionality is enabled by award-winning eComPress® technology developed by Eurofield Information Solutions (EIS), the same technology that underpins the internationally recognised ICD-10 reference work published by EIS on behalf of the World Health Organization.

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Code medical records faster and more accurately than ever before. TurboGrouper is brought to you by the makers of TurboCoder, and gives you powerful search and coding functionality in an easy-to-use platform.

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