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TurboGrouper News and Announcements

Eurofield Information Solutions are proud to announce the release of TurboGrouper for multiple AR-DRG versions 4.2, 5.1, 6X, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

The new enhanced ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS Eleventh Edition TurboCoder with in context Includes/Excludes and EasyView Coding Rules has received the ACCD Certificate of Acceptance verifying the integrity of the ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS Eleventh Edition Commonwealth material.

Discover TurboGrouper’s exclusive features and benefits

Put your health service in the hands of a coding and grouping solution built on award-winning technology

Since the introduction of Activity Based Funding (ABF), the ability to code and group medical records successfully is fundamental to the revenue paid to all Australian hospitals.

As hospital funding is dictated by the hospital activities each month, it is critical that hospitals have a solution with the ability to code and group medical records fast and accurately – at an affordable price.

Powered by the Award Winning eComPress Digital Reference Publishing Technology, TurboGrouper is the latest innovation from Eurofield Information Solutions.

Designed and built by the makers of TurboCoder, TurboGrouper’s powerful search capabilities and easy-to-use interface allow coders to quickly select codes with greater accuracy and efficiency. Tested and approved to verify the correct AR-DRG is assigned to patient coded data by the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA).

Coding updates and errata are always delivered directly on cue for on-time implementation.

TurboGrouper’s licence fees are user based, so we don’t need to know the number of hospital separations, making your records more secure and saving you millions of dollars each year in unnecessary licence fees.

TurboGrouper is the fastest, most accurate and cost-effective coding and grouping solution now available to help health service providers improve their revenue and efficiency.

Access superior coding and grouping with TurboGrouper’s exclusive product features and benefits

Cost Effective

TurboGrouper is licensed on a per user basis and not on the number of separations the software is used to process each year.

Cost Effective

This means your licence fees are not related to the number of patients processed. There are no retrospective costs, making your records more secure and saving substantial time and money.

Superior Search Capability

The powerful FAST search saves time and ensures you find the correct code you need, first time every time, so you can code FASTER and more ACCURATELY.

Superior Search Capability

With TurboGrouper’s superior search capability, you are guaranteed to quickly locate the right information – every single time.

Every word, number and alpha-numeric is indexed and searchable, and it supports multiple wildcards and Boolean searching.

In addition, the Pre-emptive Search Spelling Help (PSSH) feature provides an auto-compete pull down list of suggested terms, allowing you to search faster – it even corrects spelling mistakes!


TurboGrouper’s familiar interface and easy-to-use functionality allows new users to quickly master the platform with minimal training required.


The classifications in the TurboGrouper have the familiar look and feel of the books, allowing new users to easily navigate and quickly master the platform.

TurboGrouper’s coding pathways are transparent, and the tabular scroll function allows the user to view adjacent codes.

The Tree Table of Contents is synchronised with the content so you can easy locate the right code, and the coding pathway is transparent and always correct, so you can see precisely how you got there.

Superior Annotation

TurboGrouper Notes make annotations easily shared and transcribed in context to new and revised editions, making them ideal for storing personal information and sharing this valuable information with other users on the network or by email.

Superior Annotation

TurboGrouper offers a powerful annotation system that allows users to easily add personal and global notes. Notes are automatically transcribed in context to new and revised publication updates, ensuring they are never lost.

TurboGrouper Notes allows users, authors and editors to Collaborate in Context without compromising the content.

Powerful User Interface

The TurboGrouper intuitive user interface and MultiView screen function makes it ideal for cross-referencing different parts of the Classifications.

Powerful User Interface

TurboGrouper’s intuitive user interface and synchronised Tree Table of Contents (TTC) ensure that the Classifications are easy to use and you always know precisely where you are.

The HitMap in the TTC green dots display where the hits are in the content, and the HitCount tells you the precise number of hits clearly describing the most relevant sections for that search criteria.

The TurboGrouper Drag-on icon provides instant access to the publication on your desktop. With the MultiView screen, up to four separate areas of the Classifications can be searched and viewed concurrently.

Safe & Secure

Built-in security to protect coding and user information, keeping it safe and secure.

Safe & Secure

TurboGrouper classifications are uniquely encoded to protect their integrity in perpetuity. TurboGrouper Apps are VeriSign RSA (Rivest – Shamir – Adleman) code signed, and with the superior 32 bit cyclic redundancy check (CRC) you are guaranteed that all downloaded TurboGrouper Apps are always complete and not corrupted, truncated or contaminated in transit.


Code, group and train wherever and whenever.


TurboGrouper supports remote coding using Terminal Server and is designed to run with Windows touch screen tablets so you can code at the patient’s bedside. The ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS Classifications are also available for both iOS and Android mobile devices, which is ideal for in-house coder training.
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By the makers of TurboGrouper, TurboCoder is the fastest and cost-effective platform for efficient and accurate medical record coding.

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