We are pleased to inform you that we have updated TurboCoder® with the latest IHPA Coding Rules so you will optimise your coding accuracy and code with complete confidence. Get the latest version now by selecting “Help>Check for Update” in the application menu or by following the prompts the next time you open the application. The following updates are available in the latest release (v2.8) of TurboCoder with ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS Eleventh Edition content.

I. New Coding Rules

Effective for separations from 1 January 2022 (except for the Coding Rule in relation to COVID-19 vaccines causing adverse effects in therapeutic use, which is effective from 1 January 2021).

II. Software Enhancements and Updates

a. ‘Note’ Annotations Feature

‘Note’ symbol has been optimised

Multiple note selection: To select more than one note,

• by keyboard: Shift+Up, Shift+Down, Ctrl+Shift+Home, Ctrl+Shift+End key can be used

• by mouse button: Shift+Click

• by mouse wheel: Shift+Roll on the toolbar ‘Note’ button

b. Lead Term Search Lead term searches for the following have been optimised:

• Escherichia

• Exploration

• Klebsiella

• Cystocele

Do you use the ‘EasyView Coding Rules’ feature in TurboCoder or TurboGrouper with TurboCoder? If not, give it a try! You will save time by previewing the Coding Rule title in the Status Bar (lower left in image) just by hovering over the ‘CR’ icon in the Tabular. This is especially convenient when there are multiple Coding Rules for a code. Discover more about EasyView Coding Rules by watching the video about it in the Resources section of our website.

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