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Why TurboCoder?

TurboCoder saves time when searching for Disease and Intervention codes, Coding Standards and Coding Rules faster and more accurately than using software that isn’t adequately indexed.
With activity-based funding, accurate coding is fundamental to the revenue stream for your organisation. If a record isn’t coded accurately or you fall behind with your coding, then it’s your organisation’s revenue that takes a hit.
TurboCoder is the foremost ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS digital clinical coding reference tool for health classifications in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Saudi Arabia. With TurboCoder, you’re able to find the right code, first time, every time.

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What our customers have to say

Hear from a few of our TurboCoder users about how the software has made their lives easier.

Our primary focus is to get the coding done as efficiently as we possibly can so that client costs are kept down. I find TurboCoder is around 90 per cent quicker than using an index.

Louise Matthews, Matthews Health Coding Solutions Pty Ltd
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